Built-In Barbecue

A built-in barbecue, otherwise called a barbecue island is a grill structure with other units. This is used in setting up an outdoor kitchen. In the ’50s, barbecues built with particular specifications were a trend. However, gas and charcoal grills have taken over. The outlook and function of built-in barbecues have come back as a result of requests.

Advantages of built-in barbecue grills

Built-in grills are an excellent addition to your backyard. They give it a new look. If you love hanging out in your backyard and entertaining people there while grilling, a built-in grill is the best option for you. If you want to remodel your patio, it’s excellent you carve out some space and install a grill. You don’t have to worry about carrying the barbecue around, and this will blend your grill with your patio exterior.

How is a built-in barbecue designed?

A built-in barbecue is easy to start and operate. All you need to figure out is whether you prefer charcoal, gas, or propane depends on the unit purchased. However, it has a trickier enclosure, and you need to consider all these before you make a purchase.

Below is vital information to note when choosing the ideal built-in barbecue grill to purchase:

  • Appearance: Take into consideration your landscape and your house style. Also, choose the colour that matches your home background for a cohesive design.
  • Placement: Consider safety first. There is a risk of fire outbreak if your built-in barbecue is not well-positioned. Position your barbecue grill in a way that is safe from the threat of fire affecting other structures. Think about smoke patterns so those inside and outside won’t choke from the smoke. Consider the comfort of your guest while setting up your built-in barbecue.

Tip: Consider your local authorities fire code regulations before you choose the ideal area to place your barbecue grill.

  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and repairs should be carried out on your built-in barbecue. Ensure your grill is well designed to carry out these procedures seamlessly.

What are the ideal materials for a built-in barbecue?

You should choose durable and quality materials that match your house style and architecture. Some of the materials commonly used for built-in BBQ include steel, brick, and concrete faced with stone.

Several materials are available for designing countertops. Whatever your choice of material, whether brick or tiles, ensure it can withstand extreme temperature and other elements.

Is it necessary to get a permit before using built-in barbecue?

You are not required to obtain a permit before you install a built-in barbecue. However, for electrical lines or new gas, a license may be necessary, you should confirm from your local building department on the appropriate permit.

If you plan to instal utility line, ensure you hire the service of an experienced professional.

Can you construct a built-in barbecue all by yourself?

Builtin bbq construction could be complicated because of the high grading level required and utility installation.

So if you desire a safe and durable built-in barbecue construction, consider hiring a qualified professional with experience handling such a project. Alternatively, you can also purchase fabricated units which are faster and cheaper means.

Note: if you live at a considerable distance from the manufacturer of your fabricated units, you will pay a higher cost as the shipping fee.

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